गुरु घासीदास विश्‍वविद्यालय, बिलासपुर

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur

A Central University established by the Central Universities Act 2009 No. 25 of 2009

About Department of Forestry, Wildlife & Environmental Science

The Department of Forestry, Wildlife & Environmental Sciences was established in the year 1989 with an aim to provide professional workforce for state forest departments of the country. The Bachelor of Forestry, Masters of Forestry and Environmental Sciences and Ph.D. in Forestry and Environmental Sciences are the main academic programs of the department. The model syllabi framed by ICFRE and ICAR is followed for UG and PG programs. The mission of the Department of Forestry, Wildlife and Environmental Sciences, is to train the students for developing scientific temperament regarding critical understanding of natural resource management and inculcating in them the habit of green good deeds. The department is equipped with smart classrooms, state-of-art laboratories, green house, nursery, field plantations (more than 15 acres), museum, wood workshop, departmental library, hostel, mini gym, sports goods and camping equipments.

The Department strives to deal with the solution based forestry education and research through a number of research/ developmental projects and grant-in aids sanctioned by various government agencies e.g. Indian Council of Forestry Research & Education (ICFRE), Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and University Grants Commission. The department deals with the emerging issues in the forest sciences, including global concerns such as global warming and climate change, forest genetic resource conservation, tree improvement, watershed management through remote sensing and GIS, bioprospecting of natural dyes, wood improvement, tree microbe interaction , wildlife biology, microbial technology, soil fertility management, bioremediation and sustainable development. The Department has a good liaison with state forest department, ICFRE, forest based industries, research institutions and NGOs to provide better exposure to practical /field operations of forestry and also to create awareness and open up new vistas for training and placement of students. A large number of alumni are placed in several reputed organizations, forest based industries and NGOs both in India and abroad.

  • Accredited 'A' Grade by ICFRE, Dehradun

Vision: To promote excellence in education, research and extension in forestry and allied subjects to cater the need of trained man power for practicing sustainable forestry and its protection and conservation in the region and country.


  • To provide a bigger catchment and platform for wide spectrum of students to choose forestry as a professional degree.

  • To promote excellence in education and research in Forestry and allied subjects.

  • To provide the students with innovative knowledge and skills and cater the need for trained forestry man power in the country.

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1 Syllabus Objective and Outcomes of M.Sc.
2 Program Objective M.Sc.
3 Syllabus objective and Outcomes of B.Sc.
4 Program Objective B.Sc.
5 Minutes of Meetings-BoS Minutes 29.04.2019
6 Minutes of Meetings-BoS Minutes 10.09.2018
7 Minutes of Meetings-BoS Minutes 26.07.2018
8 Minutes of Meetings-BoS minutes 29.06.2015
9 Student Performance and Learning Outcomes
10 List of students which have completed 15 days internship (B.Sc. II Forestry)
11 List of students under taking field training (M.Sc. IV & B.SC. VIII Forestry)
12 New Courses Papers introduced during last five years

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1 Dr Anshu Singh Ph.D Certificate 30-06-2022
2 Dr. Anshu Singh Appointment Letter 30-06-2022
3 Dr Anupama Mahato Ph. D. Certificate 30-06-2022
4 Dr Bhavna Dixit Ph. D certificate 30-06-2022
5 Dr. Garima Appinment letter 30-06-2022
6 Dr. Atul Kumar Singh Award Certificate 29-06-2022
7 Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh Award Certificate 29-06-2022
8 Dr. K.K. Chandra Award Certificate 29-06-2022
9 Dr. K. K. Chandra Award certificate 29-06-2022
10 Dr. Ankita Singh Ph. D certificate 28-06-2022
11 Dr. Ankita Singh Appointment letter 28-06-2022
12 Dr. Mary Ekka Ph. D certificate 28-06-2022
13 Dr. Mary Ekka Appointment letter 28-06-2022
14 Dr. Anupama Mahato Appointment letter 28-06-2022
15 Dr. Arvind Prajapati Ph. D Certificate 28-06-2022
16 Dr. Arvind Prajapati Appointment letter 28-06-2022
17 Dr. Sharda Dubey Ph. D Certificate 28-06-2022
18 Dr. Sharda Dubey Appointment letter 28-06-2022
19 Dr. Gaurav Kumar Padwar Appointment letter 28-06-2022
20 Dr. Atul Kumar Bhardwaj Ph. D certificate 28-06-2022
21 Dr. Atul Kumar Bhardwaj Joining Order 28-06-2022
22 Dr. Atul Kumar Bhardwaj Appointment Letter 28-06-2022
23 Dr. Brijendra Pratap Singh Ph.D Certificate 28-06-2022
24 Dr. Brijendra Pratap Singh Joining Order 28-06-2022
25 Dr. Brijendra Pratap Singh Appointment Letter 28-06-2022
26 Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh Ph. D Certificate 28-06-2022
27 Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh Joining Order 28-06-2022
28 Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh Appointment Letter 28-06-2022
29 Dr. Bhavana Dixit Joining order 28-06-2022
30 Dr. Bhavana Dixit Appointment Letter 28-06-2022
31 Dr. Gunjan Patil PH. D certificate 28-06-2022
32 Dr. Gunjan Patil Joining letter 28-06-2022
33 Dr. Gunjan Patil Appointment letter 28-06-2022
34 Dr. Garima Tiwari Ph. D certificate 28-06-2022
35 Dr. Garima Tiwari Joining Order 28-06-2022
36 Dr. K. K. Chandra Ph. D Certificate 28-06-2022
37 Dr. K. K. Chandra Joining letter 28-06-2022
38 Dr. K. K. Chandra Appointment letter 28-06-2022
39 Dr. S. C. Tiwari Ph. D Certificate 28-06-2022
40 Dr. S. C. Tiwari Joining Report 28-06-2022
41 Dr. S. C. Tiwari Appointment letter 28-06-2022
42 Dr. S.S. Dhuria Ph. D Certificate 28-06-2022
43 Dr. S.S. Dhuria Joining Report 28-06-2022
44 Dr. S.S. Dhuria Appointment letter 28-06-2022
45 Dr. Rashmi Agarwal Ph. D Certificate 28-06-2022
46 Dr. Rashmi Agarwal Joining letter 28-06-2022
47 Dr. Rashmi Agarwal Appointment letter 28-06-2022
48 Student List 16-17 28-06-2022
49 Students Mentor list 20-2021 27-06-2022
50 Prof. S.S. Singh, Joining Letter 27-06-2022
51 Prof. S.S. Singh, Ph.D. Certificate 27-06-2022
52 Prof. S.S. Singh, Appointment Letter 27-06-2022
53 Admission List 2020-21 27-06-2022
54 Admission List 2019-20 27-06-2022
55 Admission List 2018-19 27-06-2022
56 Admission List 2017-18 27-06-2022
57 Criteria-1.2.2-PG 25-06-2022
58 Criteria-1.2.2-UG 25-06-2022
59 Criteria 1-1.2.1 25-06-2022
60 Criteria 1-1.1.2 and 1.2.2 (Ph.D.) 25-06-2022
61 Criteria 1-1.1.2 and 1.2.2 (M.Sc.) 25-06-2022
62 Criteria 1-1.1.2 and 1.2.2 (2016-17) 25-06-2022
63 Criteria 1-1.1.2 and 1.2.2 (2018-19) 25-06-2022
64 Criteria 1-1.1.3-2020-21 25-06-2022
65 Criteria 1-1.1.3-2019-20 25-06-2022
66 Criteria 1-1.1.3-2018-19 25-06-2022
67 Criteria 1-1.1.3-2017-18 25-06-2022
68 Criteria 1-1.1.3-2016-17 25-06-2022
69 Award of INSPIRE Fellowship to Harshita Singh 25-06-2022
70 National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students to Poonam Xess 25-06-2022
71 JRF Award Letter to Sudhir Ranjan Choudhury 25-06-2022
72 NFOBC Award to Anupama Mahato 2017-18 25-06-2022
73 Institutional Non NET Fellowship 2020-21 24-06-2022
74 Institutional Non NET Fellowship 2019-20 24-06-2022
75 Syllabus B.Sc Forestry 2016-17 23-06-2022