गुरु घासीदास विश्‍वविद्यालय, बिलासपुर

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur

A Central University established by the Central Universities Act 2009 No. 25 of 2009

About Department of Physical Education

Department of Physical Education was established in the years 1985 to provide quality education in the field of physical education. It is recognized by NCTE and has a fully develop play grounds and other infrastructures. The department has a dedicated team of competent teachers and instructors to provide the training and teaching assignment. The students of the department participate in several inter university and all India university level sports competition every year. The university has been able to project promising picture of its players. Some remarkable performances by the university sports person have been in Cricket, Archery, Badminton, Volleyball, Handball and Football. The department organizes training camps for players of the University for participation in All India Inter University (AIU) tournaments. The department regularly organizes the AIU tournaments, Inter faculty sports meet, Intramural programs etc. The department has also started Ad-on course on certificate in Yoga from 2016-17. The department also arranges health and fitness welfare activities for the teaching and non- teaching staffs of the University.

The Department is committed to excellence in teaching, research and community service in the fields of Physical Education and Sports by providing Quality Education and Congenial Environment to students and staffs. The chief aim of the department is to prepare ideal Physical Education teacher trained in every aspects of life so that they are competent and versatile in dealing with future demands of the society.

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1 Students List 2017-18N 19-06-2022
2 Students Enrolled in the Value Added Courses-1.3.3 17-06-2022
3 Implementation of CBCS or ECS-1.2.2-2020-21- M.P.ED... 17-06-2022
4 Implementation of CBCS or ECS-1.2.2-2020-21 B.P.ED. & M.P.ED. 17-06-2022
5 List of Revised Courses 2016-2021 17-06-2022
6 Notification regarding Admission to Ph.D Program in the Department of Physical Education 2021 29-11-2021
7 Revised Offline Provisional admission in two-year B.P.ED. & M.P.Ed. Programme (Round-5) 2021-22-converted 24-11-2021
9 NCTE Affidavit

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8 Dr.Tilak Raj Meena Joining Latter 13-06-2022
9 Dr. Bhoj Ram Rawte JOining Latter 11-06-2022
10 Dr. Sanjit Sardar Ph.D. 11-06-2022
11 Dr. Sanjit Sardar Joining Latter 11-06-2022
12 Dr. Sanjit Sardar Appointment Latter 11-06-2022
13 Dr. Bhoj Ram Rawte Ph.D. Notification 11-06-2022
14 Dr. Bhoj Ram Rawte APPOINTMENT LETTER 11-06-2022
15 Dr. Tilak Raj Meena Ph.D. Notification 11-06-2022
16 Dr. Tilak Raj Meena Appointment Latter 11-06-2022
17 Mr. O.P. Gange Joining Letter 11-06-2022
18 Mr. O.P. Gange Appoinment Letter 11-06-2022
19 Dr. Kunvar SIngh Ph.D. Notification 11-06-2022
20 Dr. Kunvar SIngh joining Latter 11-06-2022
21 Dr. Kunvar SIngh Appointment Card 11-06-2022
22 Dr. Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya Ph.d. Notification 11-06-2022
23 Dr. Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya Joining Latter 11-06-2022
24 Dr. Vijay Kumar Chaurasiya Appointment Latter 11-06-2022
25 Dr. M S Dhapola Ph.D. Notification 11-06-2022
26 Dr. M S Dhapola JOining Latter 11-06-2022
27 Dr. M S Dhapola Appointment Latter 11-06-2022
28 Dr. Shalini Menon PhD Notification 11-06-2022
29 Dr. Shalini Menon JOINING LETTER 11-06-2022
30 Dr. Shalini Menon appointment order 11-06-2022
31 Dr. Ratnesh Singh Ph. D Degree 11-06-2022
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34 Prof. V S Rathore Ph.d. Notification 11-06-2022
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36 Prof VS Rathore Appointment Latter 11-06-2022