गुरु घासीदास विश्‍वविद्यालय, बिलासपुर

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur

A Central University established by the Central Universities Act 2009 No. 25 of 2009

About Department of English and Foreign language

The importance of literary studies is being increasingly recognized in today’s world. Literary studies help directly or indirectly in creating career choices; they certainly tap and harness the human potential.

The Department of English and Foreign Language endeavors to provide the students a firm grounding in English and literary studies in a very congenial atmosphere. English is one of the most popular subjects among undergraduate students who opt for it as their core or elective subject every year. Our students are introduced to all the important aspects of literatures written in English. We extend ourselves to other departments too, with the teaching of English and Communication skills to students of other departments. Teaching of English for Remedial English classes and for competitive examinations is also undertaken by the Department.

We have a team of dedicated and competent teachers who are quite accessible to students. We not only teach but mentor as well. This means that students can approach us regarding any issue, be it academic or personal. The academic excellence of the faculty members reflects in the continuous publications and participation in national and international conferences and workshops. Our students have also been presenting papers at seminars and conferences and have been appreciated. The number of our students clearing UGC NET and other competitive examinations has been increasing every year. Our achievements over the years include workshops on English and communication skills and two GIAN workshops, one on comics and graphic novels, and another on reading and appreciating literature. We have also organized workshops, seminars and conferences. At the same time, our teachers and Ph.D. scholars are doing research on the latest developments in literary studies like posthumanism, campus fiction, graphic novels, and cinema studies, to name a few.  Our placement record is excellent, with most of our former students teaching in prestigious schools, colleges, and universities in India and abroad. In addition, many of our former students hold good positions in administration, media, and other fields. Students of the university can also join diploma courses in French and German languages. We also have a nice stack of useful books at our departmental library and up-to-date smart classrooms available for teaching, presentations, and academic functions.

While we try to make our students feel at home, we also nudge them to explore their talents with creative involvements and challenges. In addition to various competitions and events for the students, our wall magazine, ‘Zephyr’, ‘Bemused Bibliophiles’, a student venture to showcase creativity, ‘Abhinay’, a drama festival—all help students explore their creativity and branch out. So, our students can learn, communicate, mingle, and excel—all at this department.

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