यू.जी.सी.- मालवीय मिशन शिक्षक प्रशिक्षण केन्द्र

UGC - Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre

Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya

(A Central University)


"Now onwards UGC - HRDC will be known as UGC - Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre"



To build competencies in the faculty for better teaching, learning and research by exposing them to Indian values, updating knowledge and skills, and aligning teaching, learning and research with the needs of society and NEP 2020.


To serve the public good and play a unique leadership role in higher education by giving training to teachers of Colleges and Universities and thus supporting the Higher Education Institutions.

To strengthen the teaching-learning process at all levels of Higher Education, particular emphasis will be on activities that make undergraduate education the strongest foundation in the life-building process.To enhance the latest techniques of faculty & research among college & university teachers.


The salient objectives of the scheme in alignment with NEP 2020 are:

         • Improving the quality of Education at all levels by infusing quality and excellence in our teachers and teaching.

        • To develop innovative teaching method and high-level institutional facilities in all the constituent areas of higher education.

        • To impart pedagogy-related training and improve faculties’ soft and practical skills.

        • To ensure holistic development of the teachers and learners with inculcation of ethics and human values as enshrined in Indian culture.

         • To develop multidisciplinary and critical thinking ability.

        • To familiarize the faculty with the Indian Knowledge Systems.

        • To build respect for the eco-balance and biodiversity existing in the nature.

        • To undertake quality research in line with the local, national, and global needs.

        • To make it known that higher education is for social upliftment and inclusiveness.

        • To develop the know-how to prepare transformative pedagogy with ICT intervention.

        • To build life skills and global citizenship values.

        • To ensure the role of faculty as active participants in institution building.

        • Improve the quality of teaching and empower Faculty members through training, induction, refresher and short-term programs and             ensure their continuous professional development.

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